The Limitations of Board Meeting Software Alternatives

To help your organization find the best board meeting software, we’ve researched and selected the best software available today. Here you will learn the limitations of the board software alternatives.

Board software for efficient board meetings

Because so many things happen in an organization’s day-to-day work, board meetings allow stakeholders to agree on goals, make sure everyone is equally informed, and engage in strategic discussions. The reality is that keeping all employees and partners working in sync is often a challenge. It is also not always possible for every participant in a business meeting to be physically present, which increases the complexity of this task to another level. It is where board meeting software comes into play. This type of software helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures that everyone is in agreement and has up-to-date information. The reliable meeting management software will act as an effective communication tool between board members, while the wrong one will do more harm than good. 

Board management software makes it possible to use various tools for organizing productive meetings. The main advantages of automated systems are:

    • Team collaboration. Typically, board portals are equipped with tools that make real-time communication possible. All issues are resolved as they arise, which is one of the main advantages of automated control systems.
    • Records management. The development and implementation of projects are accompanied by a large number of various kinds of documentation (reports, analyses, forecasts). The built-in workflow functionality allows for timely updating of document statuses, providing visibility and communication.
    • Cost management. Automation of project management, as a rule, implies the presence of functionality that allows you to control the costs of project implementation, which is an important advantage of the system.
    • Making report. The systems provide a flexible reporting format and the ability to access data quickly. Therefore, the possibility of timely problem-solving increases.

What are the best boardroom alternatives, and what are their limitation?

The global IT market offers many alternatives to board software. The most widespread among them are:

      • Dropbox
      • Google Drive
      • Miro
      • Wrike
      • Trello.

These solutions offer extensive functionality, team flexibility, integration access, and more. These applications necessarily require the attention of every manager.

It is noteworthy that both services are aimed at a broad target audience, as they are effortless to use and configure. They are equally good for both large and small projects. They also meet almost the exact needs. But is it possible to say that any of these services is the best? 

It also should be noted that board portals are specially designed to manage collegial bodies’ activities. These solutions use the highest security standards to protect confidential business data. Thus, it is a win-win solution for setting up board meetings. Because Dropbox and Google Drive are good solutions for storing data and document exchange, they are not protected enough. 

To understand which system is most convenient, the company must compare them. It is necessary to check how the functionality meets the organization’s requirements and whether it is possible to refine it and evaluate the interface and speed of the system in conditions similar to real ones. In this case, you will spend 1-2 weeks getting to know the system and analyzing it, but you will save years that can be spent on unsuccessful implementation.

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